Q4A: The Deluxe Quest for Arete Collection

Q4A: The Deluxe Quest for Arete Collection

Regular price $ 135.00 Sale price $ 110.00

Purchase the combined power of Alchemists, Sorcerers and Armorers in a comprehensive pack!  The collection includes:

  • The Quest for Arete Starter Set
  • Alchemist's Expansion Set
  • Sorcerer's Expansion Set
  • Armorer's Expansion Set
  • 2, 14" x 24" High Quality Neoprene Play Mats

This collection includes all 496 element cards, and all 10 characters of the Quest for Arete universe!

That's ALL the elements from the the seven common element types plus three cards from the powerful Ingravisco and Mortifer types!

Sold separately, this would total $135.00! That's a savings of $35 off normal pricing!

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